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National Propery Solutions seeks Private Lenders and Joint Venture Partners to help with the acquisition of select Non-Performing 1st Lien Mortgage Promissory Notes, backed by the underlying property.

What we offer our partner is one of two ways to Joint Venture with us:

    * As a Private Lender who will loan the funds to purchase the notes for a fixed percentage, plus points. or

    * As a Joint Venture Partner who will fund the purchase of the notes and we acquire and manage the deal and split all profits 50/50

The Private Lender will make an interest loan to cover all costs of purchasing the note, pay the taxes, and get it boarded at our licensed servicer. They will receive a monthly interest rate on their loan, and when we get to the point of either selling the note after one year of “seasoning” or getting title and selling the property, we will pay off the loan, and give them the agreed to points.

The Joint Venture Partner will provide all funds to acquire the note, pay any taxes or fees, and get it boarded at our licensed loan servicer. Any cash flow that comes from either working out a repayment plan with the borrower, or from rents will be split 50/50. After one year we can revisit this situation and continue for another year, or agree to sell either the note or the property. The proceeds will be used to return the entire funding amount, and what is left will be split 50/50.

For more information on our Joint Venture Partner/ Private Lender program, please fill out the form to the right, or call Jim at 920-562-0672..

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